1. The Load: Wash your hijabs only with other hijabs of like colors – don’t include other articles of clothing as they’ll get tangled up in pant legs, arm sleeves, etc.
  2. Wash: Wash all of our hijabs (chiffon, georgette, satin, and jersey) in warm water on the delicate/hand wash cycle. Use a soft detergent (and fabric softener so that they feel super soft!) and be happy to contribute some bicarbonate of soda to assist eradicate odors and stains! (If you wish to pre-treat stains, do so before loading into the washer).
  3.  Dry: Throw everything within the dryer and dry on low. Take everything out as soon as they finish drying.
  4. Iron: Any woven or jersey wraps will shrink up when washing and drying so they’ll need some ironing. When ironing satin or silk, ensure to iron on the non-shiny side. Chiffon may or might not need ironing depending on the size of your load and how quickly you remove them from the dryer.
  5.  Store: Store your hijabs by hanging them on a shawl hanger. make sure you hang your hijabs as soon as you remove them to avoid any wrinkling.

If a product is available for pre-order, it would be stated on the website/social media channels but unfortunately, items cannot be reserved. Payment validates all orders.

We will try our best to restock items on popular demand if production materials are available. Following us on our social media platforms would ensure you get updates on all our products; both new and old.

No. We do not currently have a physical location. It is something we may consider in the future. In the meantime, enjoy your shopping experience on our website and stay tuned to our social media pages for any updates on store opening anywhere.

Yes you can We truly apologize as this option will only be available for residents of Lagos state (Mainland) as the pick-up time frame is within three (3) days after which it will be retrieved from the location if not claimed and scheduled for a delivery which you have to pay for.

Yes,  we ship worldwide.

Shipping costs differ according to location and the weight of the item.

Yes, we do by indicating Gift Wrap in the designated box during checkout. You have the option to add a gift message as well.

Yes,  we do.  However, Only Bridal hijab orders will now be taken via our whatsapp service line as we need to tailor them to your exact specifications . Can’t get us on whatsapp?  Please email us at

We offer hijabs in  different sizes: Squares, Rectangles, and Maxi.

Squares: 40″ x 40″ – After much testing, we have found this to be the best size in order to achieve maximum coverage without too much extra fabric.

Rectangles: 70″ by 30″ – This is the standard size that most women are accustomed to. Similar to the square, after much testing we have settled on this perfect size that is the most conducive to different wrapping styles.

Maxi: 78″ by 39″ – Our Maxi wraps are designed to be larger for Hijabis who like extra fabric. They are created from our modal fabric, only based on request.

We currently operate from the Mainland in Lagos state Nigeria.

You can return any products purchased within 24 hours  as long as they are unwashed and unworn. Head on to our policy option to read more.

  1. Log on to the website
  2. Click on SHOP
  3. Choose your product.
  4. Add to Cart and click Go to Check Out
  5. Fill in your details in Customer Information



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