1. The Load: Wash your hijabs *only* with other hijabs of like colors – don’t include other articles of clothing as they’ll get tangled up in pant legs, arm sleeves, etc.
  2. Wash: Wash all of our hijabs (chiffon, georgette, satin, viscose, modal, and jersey) in warm water on the delicate/hand wash cycle. Use a soft detergent (and fabric softener so that they feel super soft!) and be happy to contribute some bicarbonate of soda to assist eradicate odors and stains! (If you wish to pre-treat stains, do so before loading into the washer).
  3.  Dry: Throw everything within the dryer and dry on low. Take everything out as soon as they finish drying.
  4. Iron: Any woven or jersey wraps (this includes Viscose and Modal) will shrink up when washing and drying so they’ll need some ironing. When ironing satin or silk, ensure to iron on the non-shiny side. Chiffon may or might not need ironing depending on the size of your load and how quickly you remove them from the dryer.
  5.  Store: Store your hijabs by hanging them on a shawl hanger. make sure you hang your hijabs as soon as you remove them to avoid any wrinkling.

Yes, you can select the Gift Wrap option by writing it in the order note box in the checkout page.

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